Some Fall Cooking

I love cooking for family and friends.  I especially like cooking as my great, great, great, grandmother did, over hot coals using  Dutch Ovens.  My choice of cast iron products comes from Lodge Mfg. Over the years my collection of cast iron has grown to include quite a various assortment. I will be sharing more of them as time goes on, and demonstrating how I use them.  For now I’ll share photos from a  recent cookout where I made some favorite recipes.  Hope this inspires you to get your own black pots and get cooking!  The food cooked in them is unbelievable!

Here I am working out of the trunk, I am making the biscuits!! I brought my large wooden cutting board and set it up as evenly as I could. You can see my tripod there behind me.

This is Sausage Corn Chowder bubbling over the hot smoky coals.

I use the s-hooks to raise or lower the pot to get the right heat level.

Here are two Dutch Ovens, sizes 12 and 14 from Lodge. They have legs on the bottom and a flange on the lids so coals can go underneath and on top. Inside are pans of biscuits baking in the “oven”.

I have to take a peek now and then just to see what’s happening inside. It is such a suprise to find there is really baking going on.

You must carefully lift the lid off with a lid lifter making sure ash and coals don’t fall in. I use a hammer claw, my hubby uses his pliers. There is a small handle on the lid used for this.

The heat is quite variable. Both pans of biscuits are done, but the closer pan is browner. Actually those browner ones were tastier!!

A close-up of these beauties. Tender and flaky, the smoky hint from the coals, and a hot chowder to dip them in, Yummy, Yum, Yum, Yum.

Here is my largest skillet, as you can see it covers the entire grill! It measures 18 inches across and can cook ALOT of food. This is my homemade succotash. It has no corn though, or beans so I guess it isn’t really succotash, but that is what we call it. It is succulently delicious.


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