“My Favorite Things”

This is so exciting to share with you all of the things and stuff I deem as my favorites!!  There are many subjects this could cover and many turns down the road this could travel.  I hope this post gets alot of comments because I want to know your favorites as well!  Here are some of mine.

I love Christmas with my growing family. This photo was taken in December of 2011. From left to right is Miranda, Nathan, Brianne, Christopher, Gregory, Shifra holding Samuel, and the parents of this crew, Wendell and myself.

I love gardening, especially in the spring. The soil smells so sweet and delicious! (You think I would eat it.) This is our corn patch that gave us many roasting ears and several quarts for the freezer.

How can ya not love those cheeks?? This is Samuel, my first grandson, eating fresh orchard peaches. Yummo. He ate them as fast as I could cut them up, and he used both hands! He knows what’s good.

Ok, here goes – my spill about how everyone should have some sort of workout routine. I love these from Ellen Barrett. If you don’t love a workout you won’t do it, so find one ya love and get moving, that’s an order!! You will feel soooo much better after getting your blood pumping and the lymph flowing. You will thank me, trust me on this, do it. Like now. Today. This minute.

This is Ellen’s Fat Burning Fusion. This one works your legs, thighs, and waist. You don’t wear shoes in this one which I also love. It is 45 minutes long, which is important if you want to lose extra fat.

This is Slim Sculpt from Ellen. This workout uses 3 pound weights and requires no shoes (I guess I don’t like wearing shoes). It works the arms, and all the lower body, and core, in other words, it’s a total body workout. It has a mat portion near the end that I love, and it is 45 minutes long.

This one I got just last month. I love this one because she does the workout without any cuts, it’s one live take with some of her regular class attendants from her studio. She lets us see her sweat, but it’s not as much as I do!! It is also 45 minutes long and works everything!! There is some mat work near the end of this one too. I am going to get the other workout in this line titled “Grace & Gusto”. Visit her site if you think ya might like to try them.WWW.ellenbarrett.com.

I gotta put the school where I learned so much of herbs, herbal practices and application. The School of Natural Healing is one of if not the best to learn the true art of herbal plants, formulas, treatments, and the nutritional value of food. It is truly wholistic in its philosophy and approach to healing.

This is my favorite place to shop for kitchen herbs and spices. The store has a sample of every item it sells for you to smell and experience. The first time we went my hubby got sick. But I don’t think you are supposed to smell EVERY item in the store in one visit!! Ha ha. It is a treat to go, and if you don’t live close enough to one just shop online or request a catalogue.

It’s hard so see in this photo, but this is a catalogue for Mountain Rose Herbs. I purchase massive amounts of herbs from them. The herbs are certified organic and fresh. Their prices are super reasonable, as is the shipping, so give them a try.

Here is my go to place for delicious food, kitchen products, taste testing, tips, and cooking knowledge. America’s Test Kitchen is aslo just as good. This one has the name “Country” in it so I naturally gravitate to it. Corny I know, but are not we all a little corny in our own cute way?

So here is the beginning of what I consider my favorites.  I told ya it would be hodgepodgey.  (Is that a word?) Well tell me some of your favorite things.


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