My New Big Bowl!!

Last Saturday my husband and I, along with some friends of ours went to Jamesport, Mo.  It is a small community noted for its Amish presence and last Saturday was their Fall Festival.  We toured the Main Street booth venders, visited the local shops, and toured an Amish farm.  In one of the Amish stores my husband found this Big Bowl.

It is huge, Huge, HUGE!!

The 15 oz. can is so you can size compare. I don’t think it quite captures the true massivness of the Big Bowl.

To try to illustrate the immense size of the Big Bowl I got all my other large stainless steel bowls out and placed them alongside the Big Bowl.

I left the can there just to compare the different sizes. My largest mixing bowl is pretty big, but the Big Bowl is at least 2 1/2 or 3 times larger!!!

I placed the can inside the Big Bowl and snapped another photo. I still can’t get over the size of it.

I imagined all the things that could be done with this bowl.  I could:

  • give my grandson a bath in it
  • gather garden produce in it
  • give our dog a bath in it  (I really wouldn’t do this, but it is big enough)
  • let alot and I mean Alot of bread dough rise in it
  • make granola in it

The possibilities are endless.

So, we bought it.

I can’t wait to put the Big Bowl to good use! I know it will become a special part of the family, but I wonder. . .  which one of the kids will want to inherit it??


2 thoughts on “My New Big Bowl!!

  1. I have a big bowl like that and LOVE it! I use it for bread, Potato salad when all the family is here, I don’t know what I would do without it. I even take it to camp when I cook there and use it.


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