Random Stuff

Here is just some random stuff.  I am kinda of a random person.  My kids will tell you that.  My husband will tell you that.  I can change gears faster than a race car driver at take off.  (You probably know I know nothing about racing)

These are a salt and pepper set I bought at an Amish store in Windsor, Mo.  I really like the bright colors and old-time look.


This is Samuel at Easter 2012.  Oh those cheeks!!


This is my Christmas Cactus.  I bought it in a 4 inch pot for two dollars years ago.  I have loved it and it has responded quite nicely. I takes up this entire corner in the kitchen now!!  I will be sure to take a photo when it is in full bloom this winter.


Our chickens have been working hard at it to provide these eggs.


Here is the catalogue we order chickens from.  Murray McMurray Hatchery is located in Iowa, and have always provided excellent poultry.  Baby chicks are sooo cute, and LOUD!


This is Molly, our dog-person.  Ha, I say that because she does think she is one of us.  She is very sweet and minds extremely well.  She is actually my daughter’s dog.  We gave Molly to her for Christmas 4 years ago.  Miranda has taught Molly many tricks, and she (Molly, not my daughter ha ha) loves to fetch anything and round up the chickens if need be.  She is a pure bred Miniature Australian Shepherd.


Here is a bee on a flower.  You had to have me tell you because it is hard to see that!!  Bees fascinate me.  Someday I will be a bee-keeper, a keeper of bees.  I love honey too, bonus!!


Have a Super Great Day!!



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