Why I Became a Master Herbalist

I have always had an interest in gardening.  Not only vegetables and flowers, but herbs as well.  I first planted a kitchen herb garden off our back patio about 12 years ago.  I loved it.  It is so nice to pick fresh herbs for cooking or drying for later use.  For a birthday present one year  (don’t quite remember what year it was) I received a gift card for a book store in our local shopping mall. (This was way before Barnes & Noble’s.)  I went in and looked around.  I had read a few. . gulp. . . romance novels, but nothing of real interest or content.  I had been too busy raising 4 children, cleaning, laundry (at least 3 loads per day or I was behind), cooking, blah, blah, blah, you get it.  I walked around that store wondering what to get.  My eyes landed on a thick book with a word in big bold print on the spine – HERBS.  I picked it up and found the publisher was Rodale.  Organic Gardening Magazine, which I had been getting for a while, is published by Rodale and they have quality material.  Needless to say I walked out of that store with my first book on herbs.  This book was my initial introduction to healing with plants.  I was mesmerized by the thought that one could heal with herbs and other plants, plants that I had growing in my kitchen herb garden.  It seemed miraculous, the notion of actually healing the bodies’ ailments with simple, wholesome, humble plants.  I was hooked and I knew I wanted to read all I could, learn all I could and practice this herbal healing all I could. Not only for me and my family, but for anyone who asked for help. I wanted to be more capable to treat illness and engender true health for my family.  I began to gather any and all the info I could get on the subject of herbal healing.  While educating myself I discovered some pretty interesting things.  One was that some plants could do harm if not used right, or given to someone with a specific condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes.  I had used several herbal teas and compresses with my family, having  great results.  But I realized that in order to continue to do so I needed some training.  Ironically, there was an advertisement in Organic Gardening  for a school.  Clayton College of Natural Health and Healing to be exact.  I enrolled in the degree program for Natural Health. It took me a while to finish, I still had 4 kiddos I was homeschooling , and all the other stuff a homemaker has to do, but I did finish.  About a year before I completed the degree I knew something was missing from my training.  I wanted more herbal application know-how.  Not just knowledge in the area of Natural Health, which is super, I just wanted more.  I realized the Master Herbalist program is what I was after.  I got info on a school I thought would be good and requested an info packet in the mail. I decided to wait to enroll in the Master Herbalist program until I completed the school I was already doing. Toward the end of 2007 what do you suppose I got in the mail?  I got an invitation from The School of Natural Healing offering a  huge discount on tuition if enrollment was done by the end of the year!!  Guess what, I enrolled. So there I was, homeschooling my last 2 kids that were still in school, and working on two different schools myself!!  Was  I crazy or what? Well I graduated from both, I have the diplomas to show for it.  What else I have is a deep well of knowledge, (I am still learning:)), that I tap into when someone says to me, “Angela, what is good for nail fungus?”  It is wonderful what I get to do, share, and teach.  I make many herbal medicines and they are used. This blog is a springboard for me to teach and share what I love.  I am grateful to all who have read my posts and liked it!! It is quite humbling and exciting at the same time!!!  I hope you will learn and ASK me whatever is on your mind and heart, I want feedback in this blog!

So, there is a part of my history. How and why I am a Master Herbalist with a degree in Natural Health.  Be healthy, love alot, breathe deep, and stop and do smell the roses.


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