Sharing = Teaching

When someone shares knowledge in what they have worked to acquire they become teachers in the greatest capacity.  Teaching others is the only medium toward advancement on any level.  Fortunately for all of us, everyone has a different talent and interest that guides them through life.  We all benefit from all the different interests of each individual.  I am so thankful for Mrs. Mabel Smith, my second grade teacher, for Sir John Harington for inventing the “water closet” and later improved by Thomas Crapper to be the bathroom commode we know today, (using an outhouse is not my idea of comfort), for the nurses that take care of millions of people each day, for the grocer  that I purchase fresh food from whenever I want, for the writers of classic literature for me to enjoy, for the advancement of electronics so I can  share with the world from the comfort of my home!!  All original ideas spring from inspiration in something already learned.  Advancement comes from clairvoyant minds anticipating future needs or wants.  All this from someone willing to be a teacher and someone willing to be a student.  Willing being the functioning adjective here. 

I dedicated myself to the learning of Natural Health and Herbal Healing.  Now I teach to those who are interested.  I consider myself a perpetual student, and I still dedicate time to learning.  For the more I do learn, I realize how MUCH I do not know!!! 

This last Saturday, September the 29th, I taught at a Women’s Retreat.

My topic was herbs and ointments.  I love doing this.  I super-duper enjoy it.  I am so excited when I get to share with others the joy of healing with  backyard “weeds”. 

There is something uplifting about hearing someone enthusiastically exclaim how they were on 4 insulin shots a day and now they are down to 1, and have lost 30 pounds to boot by the teaching they received from you!! Or of an infected abrasion completely healed by an ointment of comfrey & calendula they purchased from you.

Thank you Nancy for asking me to be a part of this year’s retreat.  I loved being there and being able to hopefully inspire others to heal and live closer to Nature.

Love life and breathe deep,

Angela 🙂


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