Apple Season!

I am fortunate to live near fruit orchards.  They are located along the Missouri River in Northern Lafayette County, Mo.  We make several trips there each year to purchase peaches, apples, and honey.  Here is what I did with some of our apples.

Guess what this is going to be? First step is to soften the apples by quartering them, and placing them in a very large stock pot with a small amount of water.  Heat over medium heat, stirring often to prevent scorching until softened.

Then carefully ladle the hot, mushy apples into a food mill.

My food mill separates the seeds and skins from the pulp which is forced through tiny holes to produce apple sauce. 

 This is perfect apple sauce!! See the pretty pink tinge from the apple skins?  You could can this stuff right now, but I have something else in mind.

 I place all that gorgeous sauce in a roasting  oven and I stir in honey, sugar, apple cider, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves.  Ooh this smells amazing.

And I stir, stir, stir until it is all mixed in.

Here is the amber color it turns when all the spices are stirred in. 

Now all I have to do is low heat this all day, and all night, stirring quite often to get that smooth texture we love about Apple Butter!!

And enjoy your effort in the morning with homemade whole wheat biscuits and scrambled eggs.  I used my Lodge round griddle to bake my biscuits.

Next is something near to the heart of every American,  Apple Pie Filling!

Here a little more prep work is involved. (More like alot!)  Peel, quarter, and slice the apples until you have 6 quarts.  Blanch them, and mix them with the goopy sauce.  Have you ever seen a more lovely sight?

 Jar this golden goop up, I usually get about 7 quarts of filling per batch.

This takes a bit if time to complete….

Here are the finished products ready to go in the storage cellar.  It will be sooo nice to open these jars of homemade goodness this winter.

I love preserving food.  I feel connected with my great grandmothers when I can food.  You get up close and personal with the food when you do this. I love the feeling I get form hard work done for the good of my family.  I consider myself the “Keeper of my Home”, and I take this role very seriously. My aim is to inspire you to try something new or share with the rest of us what you love.

Love life and breathe deep,



2 thoughts on “Apple Season!

  1. Aunt angie. Now I want an apple pie but that is beside the point! When will baking day be?!?! I’m already dieing for some PEANUT BUTTER BALLS!!!!!!!! I even made up a song!!! I can play it on the piano and my guitar!!! Well love you!!! Bye!


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