Mini Apple Pie

Sometimes a picture is all you need.  This may be one of those times.

I used some of my canned pie filling to make these little individual serving size pies.

I made some pie dough and rolled out small rounds, then spooned some filling in the center of each one. I finished the filling by adding a pat of butter, a tsp. of brown sugar, and a dash more of cinnamon.

I wrapped up the edges rustic style, and brushed an egg wash over the crust, and sprinkled with sugar.

In the oven to bake @ 400 for 30 minutes. And what was the result??

This was the result, loveliness, golden beautifulness, gorgeousness, well, you can see I suppose:

I am sooo sorry you can only look, and not taste or smell this marvelousness of apple pie right out of the oven!!

I hope I have inspired mothers, grandmothers, or fathers and grandfathers to get together with your children and grandchildren and make something.

Love life and breathe deep,



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