Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

As I promised, I did make a peach cobbler at our cookout yesterday (Grandchildren’s Day, Oct. 7th) using the Lodge #14 Dutch Oven.

I partially thawed 9 cups of peach slices I had in the freezer from the orchard this summer.  Placed them in a bowl and added the goodies: sugar, flour, and  cinnamon.

Mixing carefully so as not to smush the peaches into a paste, peach paste is definitely not on the menu.

Into the bottom crust lined pan –

Next goes the top crust.  This is just a basic pie dough that I have been using for years.  I’ll get a recipe page started one of these days!

I folded the crust over gently and sealed the edges.

Into the preheated Dutch Oven with hot coals underneath and on top.  This baked for about 45 minutes.  I added new coals about half way through the cooking time.

And this is what we got to enjoy – a beautifully cooked peach cobbler.  Actually by true definition this is just a big peach pie, cobblers have a biscuit-type topping.

It tasted as good as it looked.  Adapting your favorite recipe for a dutch oven is pretty simple.  Learning to regulate the temperature is the tedious part.

Here are some other photos of our Grandchildren’s Day Cookout.

I love the way the smoke looks through the morning sunlight.

Here is another view of the smoky sunlight.

This is an acorn cap with dew inside that my niece Rachael found.  I tried to get it in the sunlight because it looked like diamonds, it was soooo pretty.

Rachael is standing close to the fire, the temperature was about 45 degrees so the fire felt pretty good.

This is the view looking straight upwards toward the sky.  I think we need to  look up sometimes and take in the splender of nature.

Here is another angle.

This is Great Great Grandpa talking with his Great Great Grandson.

A good photo of my niece Sydney braiding Miranda’s hair.

Samuel on the swing being pushed by his Auntie M.

Here is Grandpa  Stever pushing Alva on the swing, so cute.

And here is the last photo of the day, the fire in the dusk. This is the most peaceful time of any day.  There is something about a fire that mesmerizes you.  It was hard to leave for home.

Family is important and I am blessed because I am part of  a large loving one.  Tell someone today that you love them.

Love life & breath deep,



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