Chime In

For me it would have to be fall.  Winter comes a very, very, very, very, and I mean very close second!!

In fall I love the weather, harvest time, crisp air, fall fruit and veges, the pumpkin patches, hay rides, bonfires, cookouts, and the feeling of rest the earth is preparing for.

In winter I love SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love the wood stove heat, and the smell of wood smoke billowing from the chimney when I go outside. I love soup.  I make all kinds of soup.  Stews too, and hot chocolate!! I’m not a coffee drinker however Love the smell of it.  I like the sense of rest the earth gives me, all is quiet.  No animal sounds if you don’t count coyotes, or crows, or geese, or owls, or cardinals, or dogs.  LOL.  Maybe just insect sounds are non-existent.

Well these are my thoughts on fall and winter.  Have a great Day!

Love life & breathe deep,



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