A Tea For Wendell

Wendell came home not feeling too good, so I made him some tea.  He said he felt like a cold was coming on, so here is what I used: Peppermint, elder flowers, and red clover.  Peppermint and elder flowers are a standard for colds and flu.  Peppermint is a stimulant that wakes up the cells, a febrifuge so it helps with fevers, a sedative and nervine to help relax and support tissue function.  Elder flowers are a great addition to any cold remedy, it is diaphoretic, expectorant, diuretic, and decongestant.  Red Clover is an alterative herb.  Alterative herbs alter the existing nutritive and excretory processes and gradually restore normal body functions.  They clean the blood, eliminative tissues, and organs.  Sometimes they are called “blood sweeteners”.  I refer to them as blood purifiers.  Red Clover is one of the best.

In a stainless steel saucepan (could use glass also, never aluminum!!!) I poured some distilled water and brought it to a good simmer and removed it from the heat.  I added the red clover right to the hot water first.

I then added the elder flowers.  It looks like more than it is, it spread out.

Last I added the peppermint.  I did this because it is the most volatile and loses its oils quickly when it hits the hot water.  You will notice I do not give measurements for the herbs.  This is because I don’t measure.  When asked how much I usually give the standard of 1-2 tsps. per cup of water.  I use more than that.  You make it to the desired strength you prefer.

I slapped on the saucepan lid and let it steep.  You can see the steam collecting on the lid already.

I let this steep for 15 minutes.

I used a small strainer and poured Wendell a cup of tea.  Drying herbs correctly captures their essence, phytochemicals, and nutrients.  You can see the colors as they were.

Lastly I add some honey.  I buy honey from a local bee-keeper.  It is soooo tasty and sweet.  I never use sugar in herbal tea.  Sugar is a nutritional negative and that is not what we want when fighting an illness.

These herbs are easy to find and I think you should get some today.  Winter is coming with its colds, runny noses and what not. So the next time someone says, “I don’t feel good”, make them some herbal tea.  Wendell drank all the tea I made and he was feeling pretty good the next day.  Hurrah for herbs!!

Love life & breathe deep,



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