Weekend Worth Wentioning, Ah, Mentioning

This weekend was pretty good eatin’ iffin’ I do say so.

My niece made these homemade chocolate cupcakes with peppermint whipped cream topping and sprinkles of peppermint candy.

Turning  colder makes me crave this simple but delicious meal, bean & ham soup with cornbread.  Wendell likes jalapeno in his cornbread.

Not healthy, but once in a while, well, I get in the moooood, for baking bread, which I love, and cinnamon rolls are perfect for a weekend of lounging.  These are just finishing their last rising.

Using some of the same sweet roll dough I made this spiced apple ring.

Have to drizzle yummy, sweet icing on top!!!

Come to mama,  Oh these were sooo good.

Just to make ya drool on your computer I’ll show ya a cross-section of the apple ring with the spiced apples rolled up inside.

I also made roast beef stew and chocolate chip cookies, all gone.  The kids all came over:).

Games, family, good food, ahh great weekend!!  Hope yours was equally stupendous.

Love life & breathe deep,



3 thoughts on “Weekend Worth Wentioning, Ah, Mentioning

    • Thank you Cindy. I got the recipes from a cookbook I bought at War Eagle Mill in Arkansas. It is a whole wheat and honey cookcook. They grind grain right there at the mill, and you can purchase ground corn, wheat, buckwheat, and rye among others. It’s a real neat place to visit, but I love old mills.


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