Cookout In The Timber

(This is an earlier post, just movin’ stuff around, cuz I can:) )

We have lots of wiener roasts this time of year.  We don’t have puny little fires, we build big ones that last all day, night, and part of the next day.  Here is a technique my father-in-law uses to really get the fire going.  First he gets some feed sacks (sacks that had grain in them he feeds to his cattle) and uses them to kindle a fire under the pile.  And to really get it to take off the air blower is employed!

This is my husband, Wendell, sawing some logs that will go on the burning kindling.
















Now it is really going!!
















In just a few minutes there is enough hot coals to cook with, so I don’t waste time prepping for my succotash.  Here I am chopping up russet potatoes and sweet potatoes.  In bags, cut up and ready, are the onions, broccoli, green peppers, and beef smoked sausage, along with a bag of baby carrots.















I bring a good selection of my best kitchen tools with me when I cook outside, one of the most essential is a good work surface provided by my cutting board.  In the background you can see  my large 18 inch Lodge skillet heating up.















Starting off I heat the oil, and when it gives off wisps of smoke, I add the russet potatoes.















After 5 minutes, I add the carrots.















I give these veges some time to soften about 7-8 minutes before I add the sweet taters and onions.  When these veges caramelize, yum yum.  You can see the potatoes are just starting to turn brown and the carrots are also getting nice color and flavor as well.















When the onions and sweet taters are well on their way to good color, I add the rest of the ingredients: broccoli, sausage, and green pepper. I also add seasonings: salt, pepper, and Lowery’s.  It is so pretty!















Now I let the heat do its job, I just make sure not much burning is going on, so I stir it often.


Here it is all finished and ready to chow down on.
















Here is Rachael and Kyley, my nieces, and Mary, my mother-in-law, enjoying all the great food.  My sis also made the delicious baked beans over hot coals in her #12 Lodge Dutch Oven.















This is Kyley dipping some chicken pot pie my daughter-in-law Shifra made.















This is pasta salad my sis, Jennifer made and a bean salsa Mary made, both are amazing!!
















Here is the big spread.  We use construction walk planks to serve as a buffet table, and what a buffet it is!!

















Fellowship and food go hand in hand. This is so much fun, especially when it’s out in nature.

















This another view of everyone.
















This is what is happening.  Hope all is well with you.  We will be having another cookout this Sunday, Oct. the 7th for Grandchildren’s Day.  I will be making a peach cobbler!  I’ll post the pics next week.

Love life and breathe deep,



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