Weekly Domestic Chores

Even though I am a long stretch from Martha Stewart, I do consider myself a “Domestic Engineer”.  Over the last 25 years of marriage, being a mother of 4 children, and wife to the best friend I could ever have (even though he is child #5 he he) I have developed good home economic skills. 

This post I will share what my week typically consists of.  A day by day rundown of what I like to achieve if you will.  I will say that I decided a long time ago when the kiddos were little that I would enjoy housework and all it entailed.  This decision was a conscience one, mainly because I knew there was a long road ahead of me doing  these chores.  I had two choices, like them and by happy, or hate them and be miserable.  I did pray that I would find joy in doing these chores, and I did, and still do.

Here is where I begin,

laundry room ideas

laundry room ideas (Photo credit: …love Maegan)

Monday:   This is laundry day.  I mean the BIG laundry day.  Sheets, blankets, and the clothes from all the hampers, which is quite a goodly pile.  I do some during the week too, but most is for Monday.  I do any ironing I can do too.  I absolutely love ironing.  It is almost like crocheting, you don’t have to think too much about what you are doing so your mind can go where it wants.  It is therapeutic for me.  The beds are remade, I wash the blankets about once a month.  After the weekend of running around, having company, and relaxing things get out-of-place, so Monday is the day I tidy up.  I also make supper, do the dishes, and enjoy the evening.

Tuesday:  This is the least busy day of the week.  I do the meal planning every other week because Wendell gets paid every other week.  The grocer sale ads come in the mail on Tuesday so I lay them all out, get my meal planner list and plan what I will be making for the next 2 weeks.  I take into consideration the weather, and what is happening so I can plan for cooking outside or a quick meal if I am going to be busy.  I also plan the lunches for the workers in my household, which is everyone but me.  I made a spread sheet with a two-week stretch and at the bottom an itemized grocery list.  I have the headings of diary, meat, produce, grocery, and household. This day I will also do those chores that you are supposed to do every so often, such as organize a cabinet, clean the fridge, or clean out a closet.  Ending with supper and dishes.

Wednesday:  I clean the bathrooms today, top to bottom.  I replace all the towels and wash them. I figured out that bathrooms really must be cleaned often to keep them from getting really bad.  I will clean the laundry room also.  My laundry room is also the back door/mud room and has a sink in it. Supper and dishes.

CC Smith General Store

CC Smith General Store (Photo credit: Photomatt28)

Thursday:  I will go grocery shopping today.  I also pay the bills every other week. I keep a calender of what is due and make index cards to list who needs to be paid and how much, this way I know exactly where my money is going.  I have a spending plan I follow, and I also write every dollar spent in a log to total up at the end of the month.  Supper and dishes.

Friday: Clean Day!!!  This day the dusting, mopping, vacuuming, trash (Nathan’s job), are done and it’s another “pick-up” day.  Everything is ready for a weekend of what ever comes. Ok you guessed it – supper and dishes.

Saturday:  I cook and prep for Sunday Dinner. Supper and dishes.

Geraldine Fain, daughter of Harry Fain, coal l...

Geraldine Fain, daughter of Harry Fain, coal loader, completes setting of table for Sunday dinner. Inland Steel… – NARA – 541437 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday:  Church and Rest, every 4th Sunday I have all my kids over for dinner and games after church. I wanted to make sure we get together often. I have a grandson I want to love on too:).

This is how I get all my household chores done.  It does make me happy to know I try to keep a tidy house.  Sometimes life happens and one thing or another doesn’t get done, but no big deal.  I  just pick it up again next time ’round.

Love life & breathe deep,



3 thoughts on “Weekly Domestic Chores

      • Angela-
        Yes! Cooking for your family is a surprisingly important thing to do. I remember friends of my kids coming over, and being bowled over (sorry for the term) because I was cooking dinner. It’s a great comfort, and act of love, and creates a feeling of home and safety, besides…it tastes darn good! Love your home.


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