Ointments and Natural Health

I am very excited for Saturday. Why, you ask?  I have been asked to teach at “A Day in the Country”.  What is that you ask?  It is a day long event, from 9-4 to be exact, focusing on learning skills from the past, and some modern ones too.  My topics?  Ointments and Natural Health.  Some other class topics are bee keeping (I’ll bee all over that one haha), soap making, water and animal care, leather skills, blacksmithing, food storage, and outdoor cooking.  For the kiddos there will be a petting zoo and old-timey games.  Where will all this fun be happening you ask?  At Kingsville Restoration Branch in Kingsville, Mo.

"A little country church, Sharps Station ...

“A little country church, Sharps Station M.E. Church, near Loyston, Tennessee. Congregation leaving at close of the… – NARA – 532681 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are some highlights from my ointment class:

  • what is an ointment
  • how do you make an ointment
  • what herbs to use in ointments
  • ointments I make and use
  • how to apply ointments

English: Fresh herbs, fresh spices and vegetab...

And some highlights from my Natural Health class:

  • “Let food by thy medicine and medicine by the food” – Hippocrates
  • treatments should support the natural functions of the body – not control or suppress them
  • the human body has an inherent ability to move toward wellness and heal itself
  • nutrition comes from the phytonutrients that are assimilated – not accepted
  • you are what you eat
  • educate yourself – Research, Read, Ask

I get a lot of enjoyment teaching and sharing with others the fundamentals of natural healing.  I  do have a couple of breaks between my classes; I wonder what classes I will go to myself?  I am a learning nut. I would go to school perpetually if I could.  Not sure if that is bad or good:). Hope you have a nice weekend and learn something new!!

Love life & breathe deep,



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