Warning: Grotesque

Roofing definitely has its dangers.  Wendell has had his full share of injuries over the last 25 years of being in construction.  He has accidentally driven many nails, nails of all kinds, into his fingers, hands, and feet.

Fortunately this time it was not him!!  He was however around to witness this lovely injury involving a roofing nail.  He also got to remove the offensive said nail.  I would not want you to be uninformed, so I will explain  what a roofing nail is. Roofing nails come wrapped in coils to fit inside a coil-nailer.  They are attached to each other by two parallel copper wires running continuously through the coil.  When a nail is discharged it is ripped away leaving four barbs sticking out of the leg of the nail, two on each side.  The barbs are tiny, but remember it is copper wire and it is not pliable in any way!

Wendell removed the nail with a pair of pliers.  Ugh!  I can’t imagine pulling this out!  Or being the one it was pulled out of!

So now that I have sufficiently got you up to speed, here is the photo of a roofing nail – and a finger.

After the nail is removed I would clean the wound and pack it with a fresh comfrey leaf and calendula poultice.  Wendell recommends soaking an injury such as this in diesel fuel.  He has had injuries like this and he has used diesel fuel with good results.  Something in the fuel takes away the swelling, stiffness, and the pain.

Have a safe Monday everyone!

Love life & breathe deep,



4 thoughts on “Warning: Grotesque

  1. I agree! cannot believe that this was happening these days. I am very happy I am not jogging. We would love to help answer about the future. I will want to know this new development to this.


  2. WOW OOPS ouch, I have seen lots of “nails” or what’s left behind, but not dead center pointer. I had my husband look too and he said ooh no ouch, how did he do that? As bad as it is it is kinda “funny”. Have a great day!


    • The guy was working on his nail gun and… well…shot himself in the process. Wendell has pulled a nail out of a guy’s knee cap before, with a hammer claw!! He said he was pulling the guy across the ground trying to pull it. Wierd stuff happens on construction sites!!


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