Word of the Week

Howdy all,

This is the fourth “Word of the Week” I have posted, meaning I have been blogging for 3 full weeks, going on four!!

I don’t know if there is anyone who likes learning new words as much as I do, but this is fun to do anyway.  I guess this is what blogging is really about, sharing your likes, loves, achievements, and disappointments; your life and your view of it.

Here is the word for this week:


noun \tə-ˈmer-ə-tē\

definition: reckless, boldness, rashness

Middle English temeryte, from Latin temeritas, from temere blindly, recklessly; akin to Old High German demar darkness, Latin tenebrae, Sanskrit tamas  First Known Use: 15th century

She was ashamed at her temerity after the confrontation with the store clerk.

Love life & breathe deep,


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