Word of the Week

This is Angela At Her Home’s one month anniversary!! Time has absolutely flown by.  I have had so much fun meeting new people and reading some super funny, informative, sad, interesting, and thought-provoking blogs.   And not to mention the people who write them!!!  Wow, what I would have missed out on had I not started down this road.  I am so happy I bundled up my courage so I could experience this.  Believe me, it took an army of courage to start this blog.  I just want to share and inspire and learn. 😉


And I have a super word for ya:



adj.  showing extreme or excessive economy or frugality

1590s, from L. parsimonia “frugality, thrift” (see parsimony) + -ous. Not originally with the suggestion of stinginess. Related: Parsimoniously; parsimoniousness. (online etymology dictionary)

A society that is parsimonious in its personal charity (in terms of both time and money) will require more government welfare. —William J. Bennett, The Death of Outrage, 1998


Love life & breathe deep,



2 thoughts on “Word of the Week

    • Ahhh, thanks Cindy. Starting this was quite intimidating for me. I kept telling myself “Who is going to read what you say?” and thinking that nobody would be interested is what I say. I am surprised at how many different blogs there are and the different content of each one. So I feel ok and I just share what I would want to read:)


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