Busy As A Beaver!

I have been super busy this week, and today is clean day for me.  I have floors to sweep & mop, dusting, bathrooms (because I was gone Wednesday and Thursday) , and picking up… well the whole house.  I have also been working on my “Protein” post for next week.

I  thought I would share with ya’ll my parents’ small plot of earth they call home.

This is my Dad fishing in his pond. He designed it. Before all that water was there, all you could see was a brushy creek.

He caught one!! My mom went to check out his catch.  She has her heavy coat on because it was pretty nippy outside.

This is a crappie, and they are good eatin’.  We have several fish-frys a year.

Here is a view of the pond.  Seems to be more trees than pond, I’ll try to get a better angle next  time.

A fire we had that day.  While working outside my dad always has a fire going with a hickory chunk thrown in it.  It makes the yard smell divine, and we often cook over the fire too.  See the huge tripod he built just for that purpose?

Wendell was working on the siding of the new house that day.  He is my hero, he can do ANYTHING!! Just look at how high up he is.  But I guess  he was up higher when he roofed the house.

And I leave you with a smile from my cutie pie, my first grandson, Samuel.  He is so sweet and good, just puts a smile on your face, don’t it?

Love life & breathe deep,

Have a stupendous weekend everyone!  Those in the New England part of our country, my prayers are still with ya:).



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