Word of the Week

Happy Monday everyone!

Being a herbalist and natural healer,  I have had to learn the actions of over 100 herbs.  Since I plan to share about herbs on my blog,  I thought I would familiarize you with some of these actions.  Herbs cannot be separated from their actions,  herbs are defined by their actions.  This weeks word is an important vitalistic fundamental.  Herbal healers use diaphoretic herbs as a means to cleanse toxins from the internal environment.

Here is this weeks word:

(d-f-rtk, df-)


Producing or increasing perspiration.

A medicine or other agent that produces perspiration

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) found at Los Vaq...

Yarrow tea drunk as hot as can be tolerated produces diaphoresis, which speeds healing.

Yarrow - a very useful herb - geograph.org.uk ...

Love life & breathe deep,

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