Another Injury . . .

Nathan, my youngest son, came home with this.  He had an altercation with a sawzall and by the time he got home his finger was stiff, sore, and throbbing.

So I go out to the garden head straight to the comfrey patch to gather some leaves.

I gathered some good-looking leaves, some small and some medium-sized.

I place them in the blender to give them a quick chop, someday I’ll get a fancy food processor:).

Next, I had to use a pestle and mortar to finish macerating the leaves into a paste-like consistency.

I spooned some of this mixture onto some cheesecloth, which was placed on top of some plastic wrap.

A close-up

This was wrapped around his finger, around the hand, and then taped in place, he loved this, . . . . not really.

He just sat at the table for a long time . . . .don’t ya just love the look only a teenager can give you?

Comfrey is a go-to herb for any external wound, bruise, or laceration.  I have comfrey fresh, in an ointment, in a mucilage, and dried.  It is stupendous, I love it.  Everyone should have some on hand for first-aid.

Love life & breathe deep,



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