Our Favorite Family Getaway

Years ago when my parents were married, back in 1965, they traveled to southern Missouri for their honeymoon.  They went to a small park known as Silver Dollar City.  In those days you parked right up next to the Homestead Cabin!!  Now you park 1/2 mile away and ride trams up to the entrance!  I  went to Silver Dollar City as a small girl and loved all the rides and sights. I remember riding “Fire In The Hole” an easy-going roller coaster in the dark, and yelling, “Fire  in the hole!” that whole trip.  I went back as an adult and wow had things changed!!  The park was massive with lots more things to  see and do.  My husband and I took our family there many, many times.  We are guilty of purchasing season passes for several years, going down for most of the different festivals they host each year.  They have super shows during the year and at Christmas, including “A Christmas Carol”, and their new one, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, which I will see soon:).  The food is amazing, the 2 million lights are spectacular, the old-time crafters are fantastically talented, my favorite is the wheel-thrown pottery, and the atmosphere is truly family friendly.  My absolute favorite attraction during Christmas is the 5-story tree lighting every evening at 5:30. After the story of the birth of Christ is told,  all the lights in the Town Square, the smaller pine trees, the lights draped from tree to tree, the lights wrapped around the trees (I’m talking about real 40-50 foot oak trees here!), including the ginormous 5-story tree are programmed to an outstanding light display to “Carol of the Bells”, it is truly marvelous, I cry every time.  Then comes the light parade, where every float is plastered with colored lights.  This festival is DRIPPING with Christmas Cheer!!!  Hope you can visit Silver Dollar City yourself and enjoy some!

Here are some photos of their “Old Time Christmas.





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5 thoughts on “Our Favorite Family Getaway

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  2. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! The tree is soooo exciting!!!!! Haven’t seen it in TWO years!!!!!! Can’t wait I’m super excited!!!!! Love and miss you! Sydney.


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