My Favorite Things

Everyone has lots of favorite things, and I to too.  One of my favorite things to do is bake homemade bread.  I have made a lot of dinner rolls, biscuits, bread, and sweet rolls like cinnamon, orange, and spice rings over the years.  I have even made doughnuts and fruit-filled pastries.  The smell of baking bread wafting from the oven is unrivaled as the best smell that can come from a kitchen, in my opinion.  As a natural health advocate homemade bread, or any bread for that matter,  is not exactly on the menu, especially white bread, which I only make around Thanksgiving.  I make tasty crescent rolls.  A feast is special so you make special dishes, and for me, one of them is rolls.


So when I do make bread, it is a special treat.  Oh can I gorge on these babies!!  Warm out of the oven with a pat of butter – MMmmm Good.


I made a green bean/potato/ham dish my family has named Hillbilly Soup.  It goes wonderfully with homemade wheat rolls.  We were all so full!!  Feels good to share a meal with family.  I hope that parents try to sit down to a home-cooked meal often and talk it up around the supper table.  We did and I would not trade those years for nothing, even though it was a ton of work.  Four kids can really put away the food!  It seemed they never got full!  Families are great, I smile every time I see a young family because it reminds me of my family a long time ago.  I have TWO grandkids now, WOW, when did that happen??  LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!


Hillbilly Soup, it has a broth but this plate doesn’t show it well.


Samuel, my first grandchild.

How did I get off track?  Oh yeah, food, families, and eating.  My family is another favorite thing of mine. So is eating:).Well, it is good to be reminded that kids are special people in our lives and sharing our time with them is important, especially around the dinner table.

Love life and breathe deep,



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