And Then There Was . . . Snow!

We Missourians are used to snow, a little at a time.  However, we have been the target of Mother Nature twice in the last 5-6 days!!  I remember when I was a kid we got quite a lot of the white stuff, enough to tunnel through and build snowmen all day, for days.  The snow stayed around a long time too, not just a couple inches, then melt away as the pattern has been over the last decade.  Oh it gets cold, but alas not much snow.  Not this season.  We averaged around 10-18 inches last Thursday, February the 21,  in our area.  Snow fell again to measure  8-13 inches more on top of what we received last week.

I could not resist, I bundled up and took the camera outside.  This is what awaited me – a Winter Wonderland!!Picture 515

I had to zoom at the neighbor’s house, it looked too charming in the frosty air.

Picture 519

 This is a fir tree in the front yard.  Love the billowy boughs, this snow is heavy and wet!!

Picture 516

 Molly smelling something in the air next to one of my big pots with last years’ plant debris.  The snow is hanging on to it pretty good.

Picture 521

This is the end of the driveway and I am in the road looking east, that is our mailbox closest to me.  You can barely see the edge of the road where last weeks snow was piled up.

Picture 542

This is looking west from the same spot.  You would never guess this was a gravel road.

Picture 543

Here is a view of our home from the same spot.  It is going to be sloppy and muddy when this all begins to melt!!  However, that is OK, we desperately needed the moisture.

Picture 544

Here is the neighbors fencing.  Some of the snow has already fallen off, but enough is still clinging on to make an interesting view.

Picture 545

This is a closer look at the front porch.  The snow reminds me of frosting on a cake.

Picture 524

This is yet another view of the house and the shrubbery with dollops of snow for a blanket.  (Never realized how unsightly the satellite dish looks until I see it now in the picture!  Uuuuuugllllly! Don’t look there, ok.)

Picture 522

Here is the west side of the house.

Picture 546

Molly thinks she can find some critter under the snow.  She dives nose first then roots around.  Sounds cold to me, bbbrrrr.

Picture 539

Maybe she knows what she’s doing.

Picture 538

Just then some geese flew over head at a pretty fast clip, I pointed the camera up and  clicked.  I could not see if I captured them or not until I got inside and found I did.  They are just above the wispy limbs of the weeping willow tree.

Picture 537

The snow is perfect for a snowball fight, which we will have later.  Maybe a snowman or 2 or 3 or maybe a whole snow-person family. 

Picture 532

Love winter, love the snow, and love that spring is next month:).

Love life and breathe deep, the air smells wonderful!!



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