Snow Trees

Here are some of the trees around our home after all the snowfall.  They are quite pretty.

Picture 516

This is so unique, even the tiny branches closer of the trunk are covered with snow.  Looks like lace.

Picture 554

This is another example.

Picture 526

This is the top of the biggest tree in the front yard.  The weight of the snow is almost too heavy for that one leaning branch.

Picture 525

The snow shows the shape of the three branched limb.  It is so  neat.

Picture 551

That is a lot of heavy snow, the branches are leaning far over to the ground.


Snow, snow, snow, everywhere!!!


Here is the tall tree from the other side, and looking up the dark branches stand out against the snow on the top of them.


The two everygreens in the front yard.

Picture 515

Enjoy whatever weather you are experiencing:), I am.

Love life and breathe deep,



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