Get Moving!!!

Years ago I started working out on a regular basis.  I have always enjoyed different workouts and have done lots of different ones.  I even used to do Jane Fonda’s Advanced workout in the 80’s. I watched that one recently on YouTube, and wow . . .  wow . . . I can’t . . . don’t know how . . .fast, they moved so fast.  I did not remember it being so fast.  A lot has changed in the workout world since then.  I still do workouts today, it’s healthy, it gets the blood moving, the lymph moving, cleanses the muscles and internal organs, and the sweating rids the body of toxins.  I read that last sentence and I have to say – eww, doesn’t sound appealing at all!  However, working out is still very healthy and everyone should do it!  Everyone can to some capacity, even residents in nursing homes bowl with the Wii game system!!  So, there is no excuse, Get Moving!!

I have posted my favorite workout videos before, the Ellen Barrett workouts.  They are designed for women, but men could do them.  Men probably would prefer something more “manly” though.  The point is, is to find something you love doing, then you will actually DO IT!

Some genius posted Ellen’s workouts that aired on Fit TV on You Tube.  Zen Sculpt and Slo-Robics are the titles.  I have them on my computer and I do them every week now.  Here is the link for ya:  this is Zen Sculpt this is Slo-Robics

Here are the three videos I have of Ellen’s.  She has many more, browse You Tube or her web cite to see what all she has.

Get up and get moving, you’ll feel better, I promise.

Love life and breathe deep,



One thought on “Get Moving!!!

  1. Jane Fonda’s workouts were hilarious! Remember her color-co-ordinated woolen leggings (to keep her legs warm…right!!) Now, she is like 76 and looks EXACTLY the same…..kinda scary……


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