About Me

Angela Specker was born and raised in Missouri.  Her family moved to the country when she was only 2 years old. Her favorite activities were wandering around the old abandoned rock quarry next to their property, swimming, fishing, mushroom hunting, church activities, and anything outside.  She married her highschool sweetheart at the age of 16  and had twins 3 months later.  One of the twins, Thomas, only lived for two and a half months and was a special blessing to many.  She proceeded to have 3 more children over the next five years which she homeschooled, was  active at her church in the Women’s department, was youth leader, and Vacation Church School director. Somewhere along the way she discovered her love for herbs and natural healing. She earned a degree in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health and Healing, and earned a Master Herbalist Certificate from The School of Natural Healing.  Today she enjoys family get-togethers, cooking, gardening, camping, reading, making herbal medicine, lecturing and teaching herbal and natural healing.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. very beautiful to read about a mother working silently, loving silently, her kids
    they may grow up to become men but to a mother they are kids.

    I am a 52 old toddler cancer survivor unmarried but for my mom she is 83 and fit
    taking care of me like a toddler, I have argument with her but she is a mom like any other always loving silently despite having many hardships

    Hat off to a mother

    Nice reading about you mom

    Thanks. for visiting my blog Ajaytao2010@wordpress.com. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.


  2. I’m so looking forward to purusing your blog! I’m very interesting in natural health and healing, so your knowledge and expertise will be much appreciated! With gratitude, Rebecca


  3. Looking forward to reading more of your blog…I do yearly evaluations for two home schooling groups, and I have many of them in our drama team at church…they are so easy to work with!! Amen! And I love their parents..so involved!!


  4. Angela-
    What a fascinating, full life!
    I am so sorry about Thomas. My husband’s brother Robert, died at age three so I have some idea of the heartache.
    There is nothing better than home life in the country is there? Love your blog. The food on your island looks incredible! There is no way you look old enough to have a 25 yo! And thanks for visiting my blog.


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