America God Bless Flag

America God Bless Flag (Photo credit: cobalt123)


America Awaken!


Times pass, seasons go,

But there is something that you should know,

No matter how or when, or why,

We do not hear the battle cry.


Do you want this message from heaven?

Then from me to you it is given.

Our liberty, built by God in heaven,

And paid by blood for a country risen.


English: Depiction of the story of the bellrin...

English: Depiction of the story of the bellringer ringing the Liberty Bell upon being told of American independence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Let freedom ring!” was the battle cry,

And, “Sing praises to God on high!”

We were strong and we were ready,

But did not hold the truth so steady.


As pride crept in and labor lost,

We did not see this holocaust.

Two towers fell and lives were taken,

But not permanently was America ’waken


Crippled and beaten by our corruption,

Five senses creep to our destruction.

What becomes of our great nation,

We shall see through our preparation.


So now you know of these great inner matters,

We must hold on before it shatters.

And to go back to a way we were,

To love and to labor, this I’m sure.


Let liberty stand against all odds,

And just to get rid of all the frauds.

Though ignorance and greed still abound,

It will not be forever around.


English: Picture of the painting during the si...

English: Picture of the painting during the signing of the Declaration of Independence in the 1700’s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To know what liberty is worth and cost,

Is to know that we’ve been lost.

Many times in every day,

We continue our hatred play.


Through snow and hail, rain and wind,

We do not know that we have sinned.

This Great Awakening America needs,

This Great Awakening now she pleads.


Stand with me, brothers unto the end,

To see God’s judgment upon them send.

People live and people die,

But this truth is from on high.


This truth we have, I have no doubt,

Forever will be in, throughout.




By Gregory S. Specker


 My son wrote this poem when he was in high school.  He is now married with two sons of his own.  I came across it the other day when searching for something else, you know how that is:).  It really touched me, just as it did when he wrote it.  I hope it speaks to your heart in some way.  If it does, let me know how.    Have a blessed day!

Love life and breathe deep,