New little calf


My daughter got another calf that was rejected by the mother last week. She was a twin and the mamma cow decided two was to many! So Miranda got the call to come take this little girl. This is Miranda’s favorite picture of her because she always looks so mad. Some people have a grumpy cat, My daughter has a grumpy calf!

Love life and breath deep




Here is Jackson, the biggest one of the bunch. Also the biggest teddy bear thanks to my daughter who spoiled him! Caught him relaxing in a corner of a straw pile with the younger calves.

Miranda and her Calf

Miranda and her Calf

This was Miranda’s first calf. Though he is not as small as he was when she first got him! He got a few scratches while we waited to let them out of the smaller fence we put them in while we added on to their pen.



My daughter Miranda enjoyed being outside working in the cold wind a little more than the rest of us! Though, she was one of the first ones to be back inside!

building fence

building fence

My daughter needed some more room for her bobby calves, so we all went out on a semi nice day and put up some more fence. Unfortunately we, or THEY I should say, had to hammer each post in one by one. I got to stand back and enjoy the scene. my husband decided all he needed to do was supervise for this one =)

Word of the Week

It’s Monday again, and just so you know there are only 13 more Mondays in 2013!!!!  Boy where has the time got to?  Well for today anyway here is a word for your pleasure?… or consideration?… or just because.

ALTERATIVE \ˈȯl-tə-ˌrāt-iv, -rət-\

Definition – a tonifying herb that restores proper body function and vitality to the blood by correcting impure conditions and improving its composition.  Essentially meaning an herb that is tonic to the blood.  Sometimes old herbals refer to alteratives and blood “sweeteners” or blood “purifiers”.

Blood is actually a liquid tissue and has specific functions in the body.  So any herb with an alterative action will help correct  and improve the function of the blood itself.  Impurities often occur due to a malfunctioning of the organs of elimination. We have four primary eliminative channels: the bowel, the kidneys, the lungs, and the skin.  Before an herbalist suggests an alterative, they need to know which organs are involved  in causing the constipation of the blood.  Some alteratives are stimulating and toing, and some are relaxing.

Some of the best used alteratives are Echinacea, Burdock root, Chaparral, Garlic, Plantain, Red Clover, Sarsaparilla, Sassafras, Golden Seal, Nettles, and Yellow Dock.

Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle

I have used all of these in herbal tea, capsules, tinctures, and fomentations with excellent success.  Red Clover is a sweet tasting tea and easy to grow and dry for later use.  Employ alteratives for any infection, blood poisoning, animal bites, anemia, ulcers, inflammation, cancers, or malfunctioning organs.

Red clover

Yellow Dock is a super blood builder, and loaded with lots of iron, sometimes as much as 40%!

English: Rumex crispus, Polygonaceae, Curly Do...

English: Rumex crispus, Polygonaceae, Curly Do…
Yellow Dock

Love Life and Breathe Deep, Angela